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Morden MB National June 17

Now this is a road trip. Jason, Adam, Algis and myself made the trip. We left on Tuesday morning and drove all day and the next to arrive at Josh Penner’s farm by 5:00 Wednesday evening. Josh and Milo Christie were off the the Grunthal track where they used to have national races but by the time we got rolling we pulled the plug as it was getting too late and after being in the truck for 2 days we weren’t feeling too athletic. Poor Milo ending up crashing and breaking his wrist ending his Nationals, too bad.

We stayed at Hotel Walmart that night and enjoyed the movies. We went to see Knocked Up. We came away feeling we had our pockets picked as the movie was lame and predictable. I’m sure I could have written something better and I’m just a label guy.

The next day we went to the FXR plant for the FXR Ride Day. After seeing Josh Penner come off the track and out of the bushes black with mud we took the offer to go to Ryan Millar’s track, great choice. Ray, Ryan’s dad was very hospitable allowing us to camp there and ride the track for a couple of days. On Friday the boys got up early put in a 40 minute moto each, cleaned up, loaded up and we made the 20 minute drive to Shadow Valley Raceway.

Wow we pulled in and there was Brett Lee again directing us to any number of choice pit parking in this huge field. We reluctantly pitted right beside or buddy and sponsor, Ignition Racing(pre-oiled filters and DB Dawgs). We had a great time with Justin and his rider Johnny Silgren along with roving Racer X Canada writer Danny Brault.

Anyway getting to the racing it was looking good as Deakon had an 11th place lap time in qualifying and loved the ruts forming in the beautiful loam. Jason wasn’t far behind on his times and we were very excited to get this underway. It started raining at the beginning of the MX2 race and by the time the MX1 Race was about to go the track was a quagmire. Not one MX1 rider wanted a hot lap. The gate dropped and Medaglia got the holeshot and Jay went down plowing into the back of him in turn 2. The 2:30 min lap times turned into 5 minute laps with half of the riders stuck on the off-camber hills after only a couple of laps. Jay and Adam kept circulating going down occasionally and picking back up. At one point Burkey got into the top 10 before stalling his bike right in front of us and could get it going for about 6 or 7 minutes which only accounted for 1 lap a thus finished 14th. Adam got stuck twice for long periods of time but he did finish showing his character.

Algis and I then scraped the bikes down enough so we could lift them on the stands and then washed them as best we could. Jason and Adam changed the oil, clutch plates and air filters while we finished cleaning boots, helmets and neck braces. The CMRC cancelled the second MX2 moto and reduced the MX1 moto to 15min plus 1 lap. This seemed reasonable to me as it hadn’t rained for about 2 hours and as I inspected the track it had been scraped off in the really bad areas. At 5:00 staging we were ready to go, spare googles in hand, only to find out there was a protest and there would be no moto 2.

Well no injuries, mildly damaged bikes, and we lost 1 jersey as Burkey had the back ripped off when he went down and Carpenter’s foot peg hooked. I kept it as a momento to hang on the shop wall. We now have several Provincial races to do and then get ready for the next National in Moncton NB in August.

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