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Label It Racing-Gopher Dunes June 3

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Label It Racing-Gopher Dunes June 3

Being so close to Label It, only 1 hour away, this National is a treat. What a contrast when I showed up Friday afternoon to be greeted by Brett Lee and led to an excellent pit location. Apparently they expected more than just the 4 Big Rigs. I docked the trailer and was on my way in 20 minutes. We set up on Saturday and were looking good and ready for the late day practice.

Sunday am was looking perfect for racing. Timed practice went well with the guys once again in the top 15. In the first MX2 moto those D4 engines pulled our guys to great starts again. They were 5th and 6th when they hit in the third corner sending Jay off the track. When re-entering the track Burkey hooked a hay bale cover that stayed with him the entire moto. It was a parachute off the jumps, sometimes hooking on his boot and ruining his rear brake. He dragged that vinyl bag to a 6th place finish. Deakz had an inspired ride as he went down running into the back of another rider losing about 20 spots. He put his head down and passed his way all the way back to 10th.

An easier day for me as Jeff(Dutch) of D4 Performance and Algis Gibson took over the mechanical duties leaving me to just look good. In the second MX2 moto Deakon got a great start, about 6th, but Jason just sunk when the gate dropped. Adam was going around great while Jay was eating sand trying to pass until the Blackfoot rider landed on Deakz and another rider at the same time. This time Adam was out for a long time and down a few laps before he got back on it. Jason in the mean time was passing in groups and worked his way all the way up to 5th. Sadly Burkey along with 4 other other riders were docked for jumping on a yellow flag. The five positions hurt but most of his close competition also got docked so it didn't affect the overall standings much.

After 2 hard fought MX2 motos Jason went back out for the last MX1 moto. At the midway point of the race he was in 16th and then passed all the way to 11th . Somewhere in there he managed a huge over the bars get-off and only lost a couple of positions which he got back.

So after 2 Nationals Adams is going to have to play it one moto at a time with nothing to lose but Jason has more points than he had all of last year. Jason sits in 5th place overall in MX2, 1 point out of 4th and 6 points out of 3rd. We have also swept the first 3 MX2 Provincial races with Jay taking 2 and Adam 1.

So once again, no injuries, no broken bikes and no ripped jerseys. We're now off to race the first Western National round Morden MB in the MX1class. This is almost the hometown of our gear sponsor FXR so we thought we'd check out the place and ask Milt, the owner if Aaron really works there and if so why..

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