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nnnnnnnnnnnnnnOff to Sand Del Lee!

With Deakz still on the mend I picked up Brandyn Cowie, the TEMP, on our way to the track. Burkey met us there with his parents Cathy and Dave. This is one lean crew with me as manager/mechanic, Dave as chief bike washer and Cathy as head chef. We were also blessed with Angie Parker and her lovely friend to pretty-up our pits.

This was a bit of a nailbiter for us as Jason could finish the series as high as 3rd or a bad as 6th. But Burkey loves this track and set a good lap time to guarantee a good gate for moto 1. In Brandyn’s timed practice he earned the nickname Time Bomb. I think he only got in 2 laps as he hit the ground too many timed to count.

First moto time and the track is mint. They do a fantastic job on their baby. Jason got about 20 meters out of the gate when he locked bars with his neighbour and went down hard. He only got half way to the first turn pile-up where his closest point competitor was down and out.

nnnnnnnnnnLook how good the dirt is.

Jay got up and took off not knowing his front brake was locked on from the crash and as he chopped the throttle for the second corner he went down hard again. By the time he got his bike started the leaders were coming around to lap him. In one amazing ride, he let Willard and Evennou pass and then stayed right behind them to go though the pack up to 14th and get some valuable points.

As bad as it seemed for the points the others in the points chase had bad luck as well. Jacob Saylor was laps down, Freddy Karrle had bike problems and only finished 2 ahead of Jay and Tremblay crashed, broke a bar mount and DNF’d . Tyler Medaglia had a great moto so we knew 3rd was gone so it was a battle for 4th. Cowie started in the middle of the pack and was circling in 15th before someone plowed into the bad of him damaging his exhaust and ending his race.

nnnnnnnnnnnnnnCowie keepin' it low

When the gate dropped for the second moto Jason got off to a 7th place start and passed into 5th by lap 3 setting the fastest lap of the moto. Unfortunately on lap 5 he swapped out huge but saved it only to spike his lower back and suck the wind out of him for the rest of the moto. He held on tough for 7th but what hurt the most is Saylor won and Karrle finished second.

Willard propably could have passed them but didn’t have to as his title was already wrapped which shifted Jason back to 6th overall, 2 points behind Saylor. I asked ‘Time Bomb’ to give me 30 minutes even if he had to ride at 80% to stay off the ground. He did exactly that and finished a conservative 27th which killed him having to go that slow.

We had great expectations coming into this last round but sometimes things just don’t work out in your favour. Burkey may have expected more when the season started but it’s much better than I expected of him. Top 3 in both Pro Provincial classes and a 6th overall in the MX2 East Coast Nationals is a great achievement and really helps put Label It Racing on the map.

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