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Last National of the year and still no Deakon. He loves this track for some reason and I know it killed him to miss racing it. Burkey’s entered in both classes with hopes of a big point score to lower his National # some more.

I’m was hoping Cowie would survive the week of amateur racing to get to the weekend which was in jeopardy every time he was on the track. He crashed at least once in every one of his first 8 motos. In his 9th and final racehe put his head down and finished a solid forth in the Intermediate 250 class. With 2 U.S.riders just ahead of him at the finish I had some hope for him to complete a moto this weekend.

Let’s get the MX1 race out of the way first.

The first moto didn’t go too well as Jason worked hard for 35 minutes only to place 22nd and no points. In the second moto he bounced off the gate, started last, then put on an amazing charge all the way up to 14th by the midway point only to be gently knocked down by Doug Dehaan. This left him trapped underneath his bike for way too long to get back in the race and salvage some points. MX1 points on this day-0.

In the first MX2 moto Brandyn didn’t quite make it to the first turn before getting mowed over by the pack. Cowie’s been wreaking havoc on those Hindle Exhausts. Jr. pushed the bike off and Brandyn limped away with a few scrapes and bruises. Jason got a top 10 start and with few mistakes put in a solid 12th place finish.

In the second moto we had our best team posting since the 6th/16th first moto at Moncton with a 7th/17th for Jay and Brandyn respectively. Jason’s 12/7 gave him a 9th overall in the East/West shootout, not bad considering 8 of the top 10 were foreign riders.

This gives Jason Burke a National #20 for next year. Adam Deakon will wear #96 next year based on his 10th place moto at Gopher Dunes. Brandyn Cowie did a great job helping out the team and just missed out on getting his own National # for next year.

To me though I think it was amazing to see Brandyn get a 17th in the second moto of the East/West MX2 Shootout only 1 year after he was racing Junior here at Walton.

It was good talking to both Pat Poisson from Honda Canada and Tom Norris of Lucas Oils about next year. Also spending time with my boy Aaron of FXR, one of our best Team sponsors makes me look forward to next year already.

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