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Ah the last race of our year the Montreal Supercross, what a show. Quality U.S. supercross racers against our countries best, quad racing, autocross, some top notch free-stylers like Ronnie Renner and Benoit Milot, and 50,000 fans.

We were to compete in the MX2 canadian only race and Jay Burke would also ride the MX1. After missing the last 3 Nationals due to injury Adam Deakon was back on the bike feeling good. He even went down to MTF for 3 weeks of supercross training to get prepared for this event. Once again though he got bit and hurt his ankle just before his return to Canada.

To prep the bikes for the Supercross we called Mike at Inrush to supply 52T rear sprockets. Joe Skidd at SSS gave us the stiffer suspension necessary for the abrupt hits. We ran the Kenda Millvilles for tires and Dutch at D4 gave the engines a quick massage. Burkey said the bike was amazing.

With no supercross practice before the event Jay showed up open minded. I was a bit surprised to find it was a full on Supercross track. In the 4 practice sessions Jay’s best times dropped each time out from 1:12 to 1:08 to 1:06 to finally 1:04 for 10th best and 6 thru 10 in the same second. Off the start he got a good jump and held the inside line but slid out a little bit as he cut around the first turn and ended starting around 12th. Jay quickly moved into the top 10 and spent the race battling his nemesis Marc-Antoine Genereux along with Brock Hoyer and Kaven Gregoire. He finished a solid 9th and I have to say looked great. Burkey looked very comfortable on the track and was in full on race mode without having any concerns with the obstacles. He had one scary moment when Facciotti came up to pass he ploughed Jay through a hay-bale in the mezzanine but he managed to keep it on 2 wheels.

Jason’s MX1 experience was uneventful. It was a last minute decision to ride so he didn’t have the magic SSS supercross set up. This class was stacked with good U.S. riders so we new it would be tough to even qualify. Jason was in position to qualify but he accidently knocked his bike into neutral and bobbled and that was enough to let 4 guys go by in the whoops. He finished 2 spots out.

As soon as the race was over Jason and his mechanic Mike Beaudin loaded up and made the long trek to Gopher Dunes for a race the next morning. Now it’s time to start ramping up for next year.

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